Paul Stemmer
Senior Investigator, Resident Member

Wayne State University

Ph.D. Mass Spectrometrist specializing in proteome analysis;  BS in Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati; Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Michigan State University. Protein Chemistry fellowship at the NIH.  Assistant Professor Department of Pediatrics, University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) (1993); promoted to Associate Professor, UNMC (1999); Wayne State University (2002); promoted to Full Professor (2021).

Professor Stemmer’s main research interest is utilizing mass spectrometry to address biological questions with a focus on proteins and proteomes. He is the founding director of the Proteomics Core Facility at Wayne State University and has directed the growth of that laboratory through the rapid advances in mass spectrometry technologies over the last twenty years. He has been in a leadership roll for developing analytical technologies for an Environmental Health Sciences P30 Center and a P42 Superfund Center.  Dr. Stemmer’s current research is focused on using mass spectrometry to identify protein complexes that exist in intact cell environments but that are lost in broken cell preparations.