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Summer Programs
A special fund will be allocated for the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) and High School Students Research Program (HSSRP). We expect at least 5-10 students to be selected every year to be trained and perform research in MMI’s laboratories for 2-3 months. A limited number of 1-year research fellowships will also be available for interested students.

MMI Poster Competitions
Our institute will organize poster research competitions for young researchers, where both MMI researchers (postdocs, research assistants) and researchers from any other US institution (including PhD and undergraduate students) can attend and compete. Few of the most promising competitors may be invited to join the MMI institute.

International fellowships
MMI will offer 1-year international fellowships to postdoctoral fellows and PhD students to perform research in MMIs laboratories. Interested applicants should first identify a MMI laboratory before applying.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships
Postdoctoral fellows will be selected to work and lead projects under supervision of MMI principal investigators.
Science & Society Symposium
MMI will organize an annual conference, which will also serve as the MMI’s Annual Retreat.

In order to promote science and education in the service of society, and to educate and train the next generation of scientists and educators, the MMI continues to partner with leading researchers, research and academic institutions and private institutions aligned with MMI's mission and objectives. Among our partner institutions are now the International Vaccine InstituteSeoul, Korea, which has 35 countries and the World Health Organization (WHO) as signatories to its Establishment Agreement, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden,  Georgian National Academy of Sciences, in Georgia, Victor Babes National Institute of Pathology, the oldest and one of the most prestigious medical research institute in Romania, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, the most important medical school in Romania, the Joint Clinical Research Center in Uganda, a premier HIV/AIDS research and clinical trial center in Africa and Viron Therapeutics, Boston, MA, USA.