Douglas J. Taatje
Senior Investigator, Non-Resident Member

University of Vermont

Ph.D. Microscopy Imaging Specialist and Cell Biologist; BS in Biological Sciences from University of Massachusetts Lowell; MS in Anatomy & Physiology, Kansas State University; and PhD in Cell Biology from the Biocenter, University of Basel, Switzerland. Assistant Professor and Director of Electron Microscopy Facility, Department of Pathology, University of Vermont (1987); appointed as Director of College of Medicine Microscopy Imaging Center (1994); promoted to Associate Professor (1996) and Full Professor (2002).

Professor Taatjes's main research focus is in the development and use of a variety of microscopy-based imaging techniques and image analysis procedures for elucidating cellular fine structure in health and disease. He helped create and have served as the Director of the University of Vermont College of Medicine core Microscopy Imaging Center since its inception in 1994. Professor Taatjes have published over 140 primary research manuscripts, over 80 reviews/book chapters/editorials, and co-edited three books, all featuring multimodal microscopy-based imaging techniques. He serves on the Editorial Boards of four microscopy/imaging journals, and as the Editor-in-Chief, The Americas for the journal Histochemistry and Cell Biology. He teaches courses in microscopy imaging and imaging ethics both at University of Vermont, and lecture on these topics in courses at The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME.